Midnight: HB 400 bumped to Tuesday’s calendar

Four hours of debate on HB 12 pushes HB 400 to 9:30 a.m. Tuesday for a vote. A point of order had been raised on the bill before the postponement occurred. Continue to have members call.

The Week Ahead: With 20 days left in the session almost every day becomes some kind of deadline. Key dates this week:

  • 5/9 Last day for House Committees to hear House Bills
  • 5/10 Last House Calendar with House Bills and House Joint Resolutions printed
  • 5/11 Last House Calendar with consent bills on it printed
  • 5/12 Last Day for the House to hear House Bills and House JRs on second reading
  • 5/13 Last Day to hear HBs on 3rd reading and House consent bills on 2nd and 3rd reading.

Long calendar of senate bills in House Ed on Tuesday