NEA Dallas: Schools for Kids, Not Profit

In February, a small group called “Support Our Public Schools” (SOPS) went public up in Dallas, and it has nothing to do with “supporting” our public schools. The SOPS Home Rule election campaign is pushing a petition that claims to be about “improving” public schools, but you can’t tell a book by its cover.

In reality, SOPS is a front to let a Houston billionaire named John Arnold, the mayor of Dallas and some wealthy special interests take over our neighborhood schools and impose a system that hands them over to profit-driven private charter school operators.

Some SOPS leaders have made comments in the press that are openly hostile to those who teach and work every day to educate young people and provide then a safe and healthy learning environment. Here’s the bottom line: turning DISD into a Home Rule Charter District would allow private charter operators to take over neighborhood schools could put our jobs at risk and eliminate an elected school board that is accountable to the community and local taxpayers, even though charters typically do not do better than traditional schools at educating our children.