Pay cut bill approved by Senate Ed

The Senate Education Committee this morning approved Senate Bill 8, which would allow school districts to cut teacher pay in two ways. One provision would authorize districts to furlough teachers for as many as six non-instructional days a year and adjust their pay accordingly. Another provision would repeal the teacher salary floor enacted in 2009.

TSTA testified against the bill on Thursday, but the measure is now headed to the Senate floor for a vote, which could occur as early as this afternoon or on Saturday. Please keep calling your senators to demand they vote AGAINST Senate Bill 8. You can use the toll-free 1-800-260-5444 number.

The bill also would change the date for notification of contract non-renewal from the 45th day before the end of instruction to the 10th day before the end of instruction and would eliminate seniority as a factor for districts to consider when implementing reductions in force. The renewal notification change also would apply to probationary teachers.