Pledge to “Vote Education First”

If we, as educators, do not cast our votes based on a candidate’s position on education issues, who will?

Our votes – or our failure to vote – will decide what student success and education policy look like today, tomorrow and in the future.  Here’s what’s at stake:

  • Better funding for public schools or state funds for private school vouchers
  • Freedom to teach and learn or teaching to the test
  • Smaller class sizes or crowded classrooms
  • Professional pay and benefits or inadequate pay and insurance coverage

Elections have consequences. When you take the Vote Education First pledge, you pledge to cast your votes based on which candidate is best for students, educators and public education. Together, we can determine the future of public education, elevate our profession and provide every child the opportunity to receive a quality education, but we have to vote education first.

To take the pledge, go to: or click one of the following to download the pledge card or the flyer.


2018 TSTA legislative endorsements

The TSTA Political Action Committee has endorsed a slate of pro-education candidates. They may make additional endorsements later this year.