SB 8, HB 17 attack teachers, not the budgetary crisis

Remember, two major, anti-teacher, anti-public school bills are scheduled for debate on the House floor Thursday. Please continue calling your state representatives to demand they vote AGAINST Senate Bill 8 and House Bill 17. Tell them they can’t solve the budgetary crisis by attacking teachers.

Please use the toll-free number, 800-260-5444. Thanks to all who already have called.

As a reminder, House Bill 17 would repeal the state minimum salary schedule and allow districts to set their own pay levels for all teachers. The only requirement would be a minimum salary of $27,320.

Senate Bill 8 would do a number of things, all bad:

  • Allows districts to cut teacher salaries in two ways – through furloughs and by repealing the 2009 salary floor for returning teachers. This would allow districts to reduce pay for all teachers.
  • Freezes the state minimum salary schedule at 2010-11 levels.
  • Moves the deadline for notification of contract non-renewal to near the end of the spring semester, giving laid-off teachers less time to find jobs for the next school year.
  • Allows school districts to declare financial emergencies at any time for purposes of imposing reductions in force and eliminates seniority as a factor in determining dismissals when RIFs are implemented.
  • Repeals a terminated teacher’s right to a hearing before an independent hearing officer.
  • Adds another provision for districts to use in seeking a waiver from the 22-1 class size cap in K-4.

Most of these changes will be PERMANENT. They won’t end when the budget crisis ends.