Senate Ed approves corporal punishment, other bills

The Senate Education Committee on Thursday approved the following bills: 

  • HB359 by Rep. Allen, relating to corporal punishment in public schools. It would allow parents to disapprove the use of corporal punishment on their children. 
  • HB398 by Rep. Jim Jackson, relating to the eligibility of employees convicted of certain offenses to provide services under a contract with a public school. 
  • HB675 by Rep. Lucio III, relating to football helmet safety requirements in public schools. 
  • HB1224 by Rep. Reynolds, allowing a student who commits a crime by hacking into a school’s computer to be expelled.
  • HB1335 by Rep. Allen, relating to certain resources available to teachers of a public school student with a disability under the statewide plan for delivery of services to public school students with disabilities. 
  • HB1386 by Rep. Coleman, relating to the public health threat presented by youth suicide. 
  • HB2247 by Rep. Phil King, relating to the eligibility of the adjutant general’s department to receive Foundation School Program funding for students enrolled in the Texas ChalleNGe Academy. 
  • HB2380 by Rep. Shelton, relating to employment by school districts of persons under probationary contracts. 
  • HB1610 by Rep. Larry Gonzales, relating to employment termination procedures applicable to a teacher who is convicted of or receives deferred adjudication for a felony. A committee substitute was adopted for HB 1610 that was not explained and was not immediately available for review.