Senate passes football helmet, bullying bills

The Senate passed the following education-related bills on Monday:

  • House Bill 336 by Rep. Marquez, relating to the filing and posting on the Internet of reports of political contributions and expenditures in connection with board of trustee races in certain school districts.
  • House Bill 675 by Rep. Lucio III, relating to football helmet safety requirements in public schools.
  • House Bill 1942 by Rep. Patrick, relating to bullying in public schools.
  • House Bill 359 by Rep. Allen, allowing parents to refuse to allow schools to use corporal punishment on their children.
  • House Bill 2380 by Rep. Shelton, relating to employment by school districts of certain persons under probationary contracts. Sen. Shapiro amended the bill to add a provision that requires a three-year provisional certificate for all individuals who have not previously been certified as educators in the state.
  • House Bill 826 by Rep. Farias, requiring a school district to appoint at least one employee to act as a liaison officer to facilitate the enrollment in or transfer to a public school of a child who is the conservator of the state.
  • House Bill 1335 by Rep. Allen, relating to certain resources available to teachers of public school students with disabilities. Sen. Davis amended the bill to allow intra-district transfers for certain students with pervasive developmental disorders.
  • House Bill 1334 by Rep. Allen, providing that an educator certificate or permit is not considered to have expired if: (1) the employee has completed the requirements for renewal of the certificate or permit; and (2) the date the certificate or permit would have expired is before the date the State Board for Educator Certification takes action to approve the renewal of the certificate or permit.