Special session slows down

With a week left in the special session things seem to be moving very slowly toward what could be a frenetic conclusion. Most of the major bills this session (SB 1, SB 2, SB 6, SB 8) are now in conference committees and are shrouded in secrecy and out of the public view. At some point, these committees are going to re-emerge and vote out conference committee reports. Under normal procedural rules these reports must wait 24 hours until they can be voted on by the House and Senate. The only option is to vote them up or down.

The House has adjourned until Friday and most likely will not work this weekend leaving four days to pass conference committee reports. The Senate is recessed until Monday. It appears that most of the conference committee reports will be up on Monday and Tuesday. That means that we will be moving very fast at the end of the session so stay tuned.