Teaching Channel Celebrates Teaching

Teaching Channel, a new non-profit focused on professional development, is a video showcase—on the web and television—of great teaching in America’s public schools. The focus is to elevate and celebrate teaching with an emphasis on sharing promising and best teaching practices. To this end, Teaching Channel has asked NEA to reach out to our affiliates to share the tool.

Several factors make this the right time for Teaching Channel:

  • There is a widespread recognition of the need to raise the morale and status of teachers in America’s public schools.

  • The new Common Core State Standards create a shared language to simplify the sharing of best practices.

  • The national debate over educational standards has created a greater demand for innovation and effectiveness.

Some of the series in production include Great Lesson Ideas, Beginning Teacher Survival Pack, and Tough to Teach Topics. Teaching Channel’s website enables teachers to download and share videos and the supporting lesson plans. These video lessons for K-12 students in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more. The site also provides space for a community of online learners, where teachers can add feedback on the lessons and offer their own ideas and best practices.

Currently, NEA is featuring Teaching Channel on the NEA. Org Website under “Tools and Ideas” at http://www.nea.org/home/46329.htm.

For more information, visit:  Teaching Channel website