Toll-free numbers for the conference committee

Here are toll-free phone numbers for the members of the budget conference committee. Since both versions of the bill make crippling cuts in the public schools, we urge you to call the conferees and other legislators and demand that they throw out both the House and Senate budget plans and start over.

  • Sen. Robert Duncan: 1-888-723-0408 
  • Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa: 1-888-812-0531 
  • Sen.  Jane Nelson: 1-888-514-5807 
  • Sen. Steve Ogden: 1-888-510-4580 
  • Sen. Tommy Williams: 1-888-514-8930
  • Rep. Myra Crownover: 1-888-958-8864 
  • Rep. John Otto: 1-888-644-2670  
  • Rep. Jim Pitts: 1-888-823-9190 
  • Rep. Sylvester Turner: 1-888-828-0051 
  • Rep. John Zerwas: 1-888-838-0224