TRS board sets new PPO and HMO rates and benefits for TRS-ActiveCare

ActiveCare will now include four PPO options: the new ActiveCare Primary, ActiveCare HD (formerly 1-HD), ActiveCare Primary + (formerly Select) and ActiveCare 2, which is closed to new enrollees. There also will be three HMOs covering some regions of the state. The TRS board approved provider changes in February and the new premiums at its meeting last Friday.

Depending on your selected plan and coverage options (individual, family, etc.), some members will see reductions in your premiums, and others will see increases. The size of the contribution your school district makes to your insurance premium also will be a factor. You can compare the new premiums and previous premiums by plan and coverage option here.

The new premiums and other changes will go into effect Sept. 1 for the 2020-21 school year.

TRS Chief Healthcare Officer Katrina Daniels said the reengineered ActiveCare plans and structural changes were based on school district and member feedback collected over the past year. She said changes were made possible by savings realized through negotiating a new vendor contract. Based on the feedback, Daniel said, the new plans will eliminate regional boundaries and offer statewide or nationwide networks as well as provide lower individual deductibles for family plans so the plan begins to pay for each participant’s medical costs faster.

During its February meeting, the board approved one of the largest health care procurements ever undertaken by TRS, awarding the TRS-ActiveCare contract to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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