TSTA release: Worst public education budget in 27 years

TSTA issued the following press release today:

The budget agreement worked out by legislative leaders will result in the worst state budget for public education in at least 27 years, the Texas State Teachers Association said Thursday. 

For the first time since 1984-85, according to the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislature is failing to write a budget that fully funds school finance formulas and meets anticipated enrollment growth. This budget falls $4 billion short of meeting the needs of school children, including an additional 170,000 who are expected to enroll in Texas public schools over the next two years. 

“This budget fails to meet the Legislature’s constitutional responsibility to adequately fund the public schools,” said TSTA President Rita Haecker. “It is a shameful disservice to the school children and taxpayers of Texas. It will cost thousands of school employees their jobs, cram kids into overcrowded classrooms and undermine preparations for our state’s future.” 

“Meanwhile, the governor and legislative leaders are leaving more than $6 billion of the taxpayers’ money untouched in the emergency Rainy Day Fund,” Haecker added. “That is unconscionable.”