TSTA tells Maryland reporters of Perry’s dismal record

TSTA President Rita Haecker today told news reporters in Maryland about Gov. Rick Perry’s dismal education record in Texas. In a telephone news conference arranged by the Democratic National Committee, she discussed the $5.4 billion in cuts to public school budgets that have led to teacher layoffs and more crowded classrooms. The call also featured some Maryland officials and was timed to coincide with a Perry presidential campaign visit to that state.

In a similar call earlier this month with U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez of San Antonio, Haecker pointed out that, when it comes to public education, Gov. Perry is “all hair and no cattle.”

“He talks a good game of economic development and job creation, but his under-funding of public schools and universities undermines Texas’ ability to adequately prepare young people for the jobs that will make or break the state’s future,” she said.

Haecker’s earlier statements received national media attention. Today’s comments were made as Texas school districts prepare to file a lawsuit against the state over inadequate and inequitable education funding. As many as 300 districts, representing a diverse group of students and parents, may join as plaintiffs in the suit, which is expected to be filed next month.