Vice President Biden “Stands with NEA” to Restore American Dream

Speaking to more than 9,000 educators during the National Education Association’s 90th Representative Assembly (RA) in Chicago on Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden told delegates that the current national debate is about a fundamental difference in vision for America.

“The debate is about whether or not for America to succeed we need to provide the best education for all our children—or for just some of our children,” said Vice President Biden.  “It is about social equality, economic opportunity and concentration of wealth.”

The other team has a different vision for public education, said the Vice President.

“These are not bad guys, they just have a different point of view,” said the Vice President.  “It should be no surprise that the same people pushing vouchers for education push vouchers for healthcare.”

The crowd greeted the Vice President with cheers and a standing ovation, and applauded loudly when the Vice President talked about budget cuts in the states that are hurting working families. Read More