Vouchers, HB 400 could land on SB1581 on Monday

SB1581, which already includes a provision distributing the pain of $4 billion in budget cuts among school districts, is the next ship on which Republican House members will try to attach amendments creating voucher and virtual voucher programs and resurrecting the increased class sizes and other anti-teacher provisions of House Bill 400.

Meeting Saturday, the Calendars Committee set SB1581 for House floor debate on Monday. So, please urge your members to keep calling their representatives to demand votes AGAINST amendments promoting vouchers, virtual vouchers and HB 400 provisions, including an increase in the 22-1 class size cap for K-4 and other proposals making it easier for school districts to fire teachers or cut their pay.

They also set SB 4, which would tie teacher evaluations to test scores, for Tuesday.