Strong Public Schools

Meet the Pipeline Builders of Texas’ Economy: TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS

Economists have been warning of a critical skills gap.

That means industries from energy, semiconductors, telecommunications, and more are struggling to fill middle- and high-income jobs needed to fuel Texas’ fast-growing economy. If these jobs can’t be filled with Texas talent, employers will recruit from out of state, or in some cases, shift their investments elsewhere.

That’s why it’s time to recognize Texas public school teachers for who they are: the pipeline builders for Texas’ economy.

This isn’t rocket science. Teachers and public schools are foundational to a skills-based economy.

But despite a historic $33 billion budget surplus, the Texas Legislature failed the test. They made no increase to teacher salaries (despite rising inflation and average pay $7,700 below the national average), and they made no increase to the basic student allotment.

Now, state leaders are threatening a special session to push for taxpayer funded vouchers to pay for private schools. That means less money for public schools and more pressure on local property taxes.

Watch the video and meet some of the veteran Texas public school teachers who stand by our communities, and ask yourself, isn’t it time we stand by them?