Headquarters Staff

Your TSTA staff stands ready to assist you in many different ways. We divide our staff into different Organizing Centers (as you can see from the list below), each Center with responsibilities for different areas. Our normal business hours in Headquarters are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Of course, many work longer hours and often on weekends as well, but outside the normal business hours, it may be difficult to reach someone in the building by phone. That is why you can send an email to any staff person by clicking on their name.

The one exception to this, both as to hours and as to the email, is the Center for Legal Services and Member Advocacy. The Help Center is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every school day – and the folks in that Center are busy constantly. The best way to ensure a speedy response to all questions is to send email requests directly to the Help Center, and all email to the Legal Center must be directed to the Help Center. This allows us to make sure we don’t miss any of your important deadlines.

If you click on the Organizing Center for Executive and Governance, in addition to the staff that work in that center, you also will find your TSTA President and Vice President. Technically, they are not staff – they are elected leaders. But, when elected, they both leave their school districts and go to work for you, the members, on a full-time basis. If you would like either of them to attend one of your local meetings, just send them an email! They keep full schedules (and Texas is a big state), so they may be booked, but they will do all they can to meet your needs.

Organizing Center for Executive and Governance

Organizing Center for Business and Technology

Organizing Center for Public Affairs

Organizing Center for Affiliate and Leadership Development

Organizing Center for Legal Services and Member Advocacy

List of all TSTA staff