Welcome from the President

Retired President

Welcome to Retirement!

Thank you for your service in public schools as an active member of TSTA/NEA. Now, you can continue to support your professional organization by joining TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired.

We are a group of retirees working to protect and improve the welfare of our retired members; safeguard the Texas Teacher Retirement System; increase and improve our annuities and health insurance. At the national level, TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired is working to repeal the Social Security Windfall/Offset Provisions that relate directly to our retirement benefits. What benefits the retired, should be beneficial for our active members still in the everyday school routine. We are advocates for the students, public education and our active members.

TSTA-Retired is the only Texas retired educational organization that is affiliated with NEA. We are the fastest growing group of members in the NEA family. Membership gives you the opportunity to participate, vote, and hold office when you retire. Continuing membership keeps you informed on retired and public educational issues through TSTA/NEA and TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired publications. TSTA/NEA Member Benefits programs – including long-term care insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, credit programs, financial planning tools, travel, and more – as well as basic liability insurance coverage for occasional substitute teaching as part of your Retired membership – will continue to be there for you.

Please consider continuing to be a part of the TSTA/NEA team and join TSTA-Retired/NEA-Retired.


Barbara Davis-Staley