NEA RA Delegate Elections

State Delegates

Although we cannot know the exact number of delegates to be elected until after January 15, we elect one state delegate on a statewide ballot and the remaining state delegates are assigned to individual regions, clusters of regions or, possibly, statewide in a manner consistent with NEA rules on one-person, one-vote, and in accordance with TSTA policy. To seek election as a state delegate, return the State Delegate Nomination form, which is at the bottom of this page by January 11, 2024.

Members should receive the Advocate containing ballots for election of state delegates by late March. Ballots must be received by 5:00 pm, April 24, 2024.

Cluster Delegates

Locals with fewer than 76 members may cluster together for the purpose of electing local delegates. TSTA will create clusters that maximize our delegate numbers and help ensure small locals are represented at the NEA Representative Assembly (RA). The nomination form, which is available at the bottom of this page, must be returned by March 18, 2024.

Local Delegates

NEA will notify locals in February of the number of delegates allocated for each local and will provide official NEA forms for reporting data about local delegates and alternates. These forms must be submitted to TSTA by April 10.

In order to meet TSTA’s ethnic-minority goals for delegates to the NEA RA, local leaders should encourage their ethnic minority members to participate in this election.

Important points to remember when conducting a local election:

  1. local must have at least 76 members to be eligible to elect a local delegate
  2. unless NEA indicates otherwise, local delegates must not be supervisory members
  3. delegates must be elected by an all-member ballot or by a general membership meeting
  4. the local should report every person on the ballot who receives a vote, including write-ins

Relevant TSTA Policies

EP-14     Ethnic-Minority Representation Plan for the NEA Representative Assembly
EP-15     Election of State Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly
EP-16     Election of Local/Cluster Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly

Retired Delegates

NEA allocates one delegate for the first 50 TSTA-R/NEA-R members, and one additional delegate for each 1,000 TSTA-R/NEA-R members thereafter.

To seek election as a retired delegate, return the Retired Delegate Nomination form, which is available in the Fall Advocate and at the link at the bottom of this page, no later than 5:00 pm on the deadline date.

Form Links

Cluster Delegate Nomination Form
State Delegate Nomination Form
Retired Delegate Nomination Form

If you have questions concerning any of this information, please contact the Center for Executive and Governance at 512-476-5355.