About TSTA-Retired

TSTA/NEA-Retired was organized in 1991. This Association is dedicated to the promotion of retirement with dignity, happiness, and adequate income through:

  • Promoting the social, professional and economic status and the general welfare of retired school employees.
  • Furthering the advancement of public education in Texas and the United States of America.
  • Promoting membership, communications, cooperation, and leadership development within the TSTA/NEA-R membership.
  • Furnishing a practical basis for united action with others who are devoted to the cause of education.
  • Promoting voluntary participation by its members in civic and educational affairs.
  • Developing a legislative program for members through the TSTA legislative process.
  • Becoming involved in the election of pro-education candidates to public office and lobbying for educational measures in conjunction with policy decisions made by the TSTA.
  • Supporting TSTA/NEA programs and practices, abiding by their Bylaws and not opposing, outside of the Association’s policy making process, any policy or program of TSTA/NEA.
  • Encouraging and assisting the activities of TSTA and TSTA-AE at the state and local levels.

Did You Know?

  • Active members can continue their membership and support of TSTA by joining TSTA Pre-Retired.
  • You can join if you are eligible to receive a pension and were employed by a school district for at least five years.
  • If you only belong to TSTA-Retired, we invite you to join NEA-Retired and become a unified member.
  • If you only belong to NEA-Retired, we invite you to join TSTA-Retired and become a unified member.
  • You can call TSTA for more information about TSTA-R at (512) 476-5355 or toll free at (877) ASK-TSTA, or email us at TSTA-R@tsta.org.

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