Approved TSTA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, April 14, 2011

Camino Real Hotel – El Paso, TX
April 14, 2011

I. Call to Order

The regular meeting of the TSTA Board of Directors convened at 1:31 p.m. on Thursday, April 14, 2011, at the Camino Real Hotel in El Paso, Texas.

II. Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence

The Board of Directors recited the pledge to the U.S. and Texas flags.

III. Roll Call


President, Rita Haecker;
Vice President, Jason Hillman
Region 1A, Patrick Gabbert;
Region 1B, Cathleen Stein (ALT);
Region 1C, Hilario Cavazos;
Region 1D, Gracie Oviedo;
Region 1E, Yolanda C. Molina;
Region 2A, George Cordova;
Region 2B, Noel Candelaria;
Region 2C, Chuck Isner;
Region 2D, David DeLuca;
Region 2E, Rae Nwosu; 
Region 2F, James Harris;
Region 3A, Paula Thomas (ALT);
Region 3B, Ovidia Molina;
Region 3C, Gordon Gauthier;
Region 3D, Davey Vela;
Region 3E, Charlenee Hardee;
Region 4A, Barbara Davis-Staley;
Region 4B, Debra Howell (arrived late);
Region 4D, Angela Davis;
Region 4E & NEA Dir., Pl. 2, Evelina Loya;
NEA Dir., Pl.1, Frances Smith;
NEA Dir., Pl.3; Ginny Evans;
Supervisory At-Large, J. L. Martinez;
ESP At-Large, Linda Estrada;
ESP At-Large, Lee Terrazas;
TFA, Ken Buckman;
TSTA-R, Johnetta Williams; and
TSTA-SP, Danielle Thorpe



The following board members notified TSTA in advance of the meeting that they would be unable to attend:  Region 4C, John Brunger and ESP At-Large, Raymond Flood.

IV. Establishment of Quorum

The President declared the presence of a quorum.

V. Adoption of Agenda

Motion (Cavazos/Buckman) to adopt the agenda, with flexibility for the chair to move items as necessary. Approved.   

Motion to Reconsider Previous Motion (Cavazos/Buckman) in order to amend the agenda. Approved

Motion (Cavazos/Buckman) to adopt the amended agenda, with flexibility for the chair to move items as necessary. Approved.

VI. Introduction of Guests

Guests Present:  Remi Garcia, Gloria Campos, Rene De La Vina, Gene Bierbaum (Parliamentarian), George Borrego, Beth Shellenberg, Karen Barnes, and Jack Davis . Staff present: Richard Kouri, Joey Moore, Carmen Quesada, Patrick Harvey, and Babs Didner.

VII. Approval of Minutes—February 5, 2011

Motion (Hardee/Davis) to approve the minutes of its February 5, 2011, meeting. Approved.

VIII. Discussion Items

A. Convention Preview 

President Haecker reviewed the Day-By-Day schedule for the House of Delegates (HoD).

B. HoD Rotation 

Executive Director Walker reviewed his memo explaining the rotation schedule and costs for the TSTA HoD. The board discussed various issues pertaining to rotation of the HoD. 

Motion (Molina/Harris) to establish a task force to review the HoD rotation and timing.  

Motion (Oviedo/Davis) to amend the motion establishing a task force to require that the task force have a report on or before the 2012 HoD. Approved

Motion (Oviedo/Davis) to amend the motion establishing a task force to require that it include someone from El Paso, Central Texas, DFW, Houston, and the Laredo to Brownsville areas (the five areas listed on the report). Approved

Original motion (Molina/Harris) Approved as amended.

C. Proposed Amendment to Board Policy FP-13 (Board and Committee Expenses) and Appendix (Expense Policy for President and Vice President) 

Executive Director Walker reviewed his analysis of the current policies pertaining to board/committee and officer expenses. He did not recommend any change to Board Policy FP-13. However, he did recommend that the policy for officers be amended to include language similar to that currently in place in the TSTA staff contract. The Advisory Committee will review and act on language at its next meeting.)

D. Expectations for Participants at Meetings and Events Funded by Dues Money 

Region 1D President Gracie Oviedo expressed frustration about her recent experience during a TSTA workshop where she witnessed several people skipping out of workshops. The board discussed the need for individual members to hold each other accountable and brainstormed about potential solutions. 

Some members expressed concern that establishing punitive consequences would drive people away. One director who attended the conference with his region stated that they did not fully participate because of travel delays and a participant who became ill at the conference. He cautioned the board against making people feel disrespected when there may be legitimate reasons why they miss a portion of the meeting or event. 

The board will hold small group discussions on this topic at the June board meeting.

E. NBI Regarding Proposed Board Amendment to Legislative Program 

Executive Director Walker explained that this is being listed as a Discussion item rather than an Action item because the board already approved this by a motion at the February board meeting. The board merely needs to review the language presented to be sure it accurately reflects what the board discussed.

IX. Action Items

A. UniServ Plan 

OCALD Director Patrick Harvey presented the proposed UniServ Plan and responded to questions from board members. 

Motion (Candelaria/Harris) to approve the UniServ Plan for 2011-12. Approved.

B. TXPOST Partnership Grant Application 

Executive Director Walker reviewed with the board a request to support the Texas Partnership for Out-of-School Time. The board was unclear which individuals and/or organizations are  implementing this program and thus took no position or action on this item.  

C. NBI to Establish a Committee on Compliance 

Motion (DeLuca/Buckman) for the board to take a position of support for NBI CBE-1 asrecommended by the TSTA Standing Committee on Governance and Compliance


D. NBI to Establish Tiers for Locals           

Motion (DeLuca/Buckman) for the board to take a position of support for NBI CBE-2 as recommended by the TSTA Standing Committee on Governance and Compliance


X. Reports and Infomation Items

A. Board Reports 

Advisory Committee Report

Gordon Gauthier (Region 3C) reviewed the written Advisory Committee report with the board. 

NEA Directors Report

NEA Directors briefed the board on recent lobby efforts and Regional HoD visits. 

Region President “Day of Action” Reports

Presidents for Regions 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4A, 4B, and 4D shared their “Day of Action”  experiences. Most reported good media coverage. Regions 2A and  2B, which held a joint event, are planning another similar event in October. The TSTA-SP President spoke at the Region 3B / 3C event. Region 3D also raised $1,800 for PAC at their event. 

Texas Faculty Association Report

TFA President Ken Buckman reported that the Chair of the Higher Education Board spoke at TFA’s February board meeting, and they had a spirited conversation. 

TSTA-R Report

TSTA-R President Johnetta Williams noted that Retired leaders attended many Regional HoDs. She also provided the dates of the Western Region Retired conference, but noted that NEA will likely begin combining some of the retired conferences in the future. 

ESP At Large Directors Report

ESP At large Directors briefed the board on events in their locals, and also reminded the board that an ESP Survey will be distributed at the HoD. 

Supervisory At Large Director’s Report

Supervisory At Large board member J.L. Martinez reported that they are piggy backed with Region 1A in its battle with the current Superintendent.

B. Staff Reports 

Organizing Center for Public Affairs

Public Affairs Director Richard Kouri reported on the bad budget bills currently proposed. He noted that there are many bad bills and although nothing has passed yet, they are lining up. He emphasized that this is happening because legislators do not fear public educators or TSTA. And, we can expect it to continue to be bad unless our members are ready to do real battle in 2012. 

Organizing Center for Business and Technology – Chief Financial Officer Babs Didner reviewed the Local Dues balances, and Executive Director Walker noted that TSTA is working through issues with Port Arthur. 

Didner also handed out copies and reviewed TSTA’s Form 990. She reminded the board that Locals and Regions also need to file a Form 990, though their form will not be as detailed as the state form. She then responded to board questions.

Organizing Center for Affiliate and Leadership Development

Newly hired OCALD Director Patrick Harvey introduced himself to the board.   

Organizing Center for Legal Services  

General Counsel Joey Moore reported that people are being fired and her department is working very hard.

Executive Director Report

In addition to his written report, Executive Director Walker reviewed TSTA staffing, provided a Partnership Local update, and expressed hope that TSTA would continue to receive full NMS/Organizing funding from NEA. 

Walker noted that he and OCALD Director Patrick Harvey were recently in Laredo and hired Ernest Davila as the new Laredo Staff member effective June 1. They also conducted the Partnership Local Evaluation.

C. Officers Reports 

Vice President’s Activities and Report

Vice President Jason Hillman reviewed his written report of recent activities. He also expressed appreciation for the well wishes from board members concerning his father who has been ill.

Presidents Activities and Report

In addition to her written report, President Haecker noted that Standing Committee reports would be included in delegate packets, so Standing Committee Chairs won’t need to present a report but should be available in case there are any questions.  

Haecker thanked Regions for combining their Regional HoDs (and in some cases changing dates)  to accommodate officer travel schedules. She also congratulated the Regions for their Day of  Action successes. 

Haecker provided an Executive Director Screening Committee update, noting that the committee reviewed 20 applications and will be interviewing six potential candidates the week of May 22. 

D. President’s Report 

In addition to her written activities report, President Rita Haecker provided a handout including non-standing committee appointments to the ESP of the Year Award Committee. She also announced that Yolanda C. Molina is this year’s Ronnie Ray ESP of the Year award winner, and she will be our nominee for the NEA ESP of the Year.

XI. Adjournment

The board meeting adjourned at 6:04 p.m.