Approved TSTA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007
Inn on Barons Creek Conference Center
Fredericksburg, Texas

I. Call to Order

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Texas State Teachers Association was held Thursday, July 26, 2007, convening at 8:35 a.m. at the Inn on Barons Creek Conference Center in Fredericksburg, Texas, with the President being in the Chair and the secretary being present.

II. Oath of Office

President Donna New Haschke administered the Oath of Office to the new 2007-08 Board of Directors members.

III. Roll Call 

The secretary called the roll. Present were: President Donna New Haschke; Vice President Ann Heuberger; George Borrego, Region 1A; Michelle Hickman, Region 1B; Hilario Cavazos, Region 1C; Beth Shellenberg, Region 1D; John Hand, Region 1E; Glenda Hawthorne, Region 2A; Teri Sanchez, Region 2B; John Duncan, Region 2C; David DeLuca, Region 2D; Rae Nwosu, Region 2E Alternate; James Harris, Region 2F; Maxine Guidry, Region 3A; Gordon Gauthier, Region 3C; Davey Vela, Region 3D; Dayne Antwine, Region 3E; Barbara Davis-Staley, Region 4A; Lee Ann Bryant, Region 4B; Rubidel Peoples, Region 4C; Charles Turner, Region 4D; Eula Axe, Region 4E; Rita Haecker, Ginny Evans and Rhonda Schell, NEA Directors for Texas; Jack Davis, Administrator Member At-Large; Karen Barnes, Linda Estrada, Raymond Flood, Lee Terrazas and Claudette Thomas, Education Support Members At-Large; Leigh Anne Meeks, TSTA-Student Program President; Janet Schmelzer, Texas Faculty Association President; and Letha Grace McCoy, TSTA-Retired President. 

It was reported that the following members notified TSTA of their absence in advance of the meeting:  Frances Smith, Region 3B, Summer School; Louis Malfaro, Region 2E, local association commitment schedule; and Shirley M. Howard and Yolanda C. Molina, NEA ESP At-Large Directors, attended the Education International World Congress meeting in Europe.

IV. Thought for the Day

Chairperson Haschke led the Board members in the “Thought for the Day.”

V. Establishment of a Quorum

President Haschke declared that a quorum was present.

VI. Adoption of Agenda

Jack Davis moved (Maxine Guidry) that “the Agenda be approved with the Chairperson having the prerogative to move items to expedite the meeting and with the addition of the following items: 

  • IX. I. – TASO Contract
  • IX. J. – NEA Endorsement
  • IX. K. – Amend Board Policy IP 7, Advisory Committee
  • IX. L. – Amend Board Policy FP 11, Board Expenses
  • X. C. – Board Expenses–FP-11, and
  • X. D. – Meeting Date for June 2008 Board of Directors Meeting.” 

The motion carried.

VII. Introduction of Guests

Chairperson Haschke asked those in the audience to introduce themselves.

VIII. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Jack Davis moved (Leigh Anne) that “the Minutes of the June 2-3, 2007 meeting be approved as presented.”  The motion carried.

IX. Action Items

A. Adoption of Board of Directors Norms 

George Borrego moved (Gordon Gauthier) that “the Board of Directors reaffirm approval of the Board of Directors Norms for 2007-08 as presented.” The motion carried. 

B. Adoption of Rules of Procedure 

Board members reviewed the Rules of Procedure with discussion concerning persons other than Board members being listed in Executive Session minutes and a seating chart for members of the Board of Directors. Chairperson Haschke reported that it was her intention to do a seating chart for the next couple of Board meetings. 

Jack Davis moved (Rubidel Peoples) that “the Board of Directors have a seating chart for Board of Directors meetings.” Discussion ensued. 

Raymond Flood moved to close debate. This motion carried with one abstention. 

The main motion (to have a Board of Directors seating chart) failed.  

George Borrego moved (Glenda Hawthorne) that “the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors be adopted with additional language added to Rule 8 at the end of the sentence which states ‘, if available.’ and Rule 17 at the end of the sentence which states ‘and who shall be listed in the minutes.’.” The motion carried.

C. Statewide Committee Appointments 

Chairperson Haschke presented her appointments to Statewide Committees and reported that she has assigned Maggie Inglette to the Legislative and Political Advocacy Committee for Region 1E, added Esperanza Avalos to the Community and Instructional Advocacy Committee for Region 1E and removed Sandra Wawroski from Region 1B on the Community and Instructional Advocacy Committee due to Ms. Wawroski retiring and replaced Ms. Wawroski with Veronica Solis. Board members were provided an opportunity to ask questions and provide further input with ethnicity of members being corrected and/or added.   

George Borrego moved (Glenda Hawthorne) that “the Board of Directors approve President Haschke’s Statewide Committee recommendations with corrections and contingent on the nominees’ acceptance.” The motion carried. [See Attachment A]  

D. Election of Five Advisory Committee Members 

Chairperson Haschke called for the election of members to the Advisory Committee for Places 1, 2, and 5. It was also reported that Charles Turner’s filing form was lost; therefore, if the Board wishes to add his name to the ballot, it could be added by members writing it in, and if they wanted to vote for Mr. Turner to also place a circle around Mr. Turner’s name.   

Davey Vela moved (Hilario Cavazos) that “the Board of Directors add the name of Charles Turner to the Advisory Committee Ballot for Place 1.” The motion carried. 

The following members were nominees for the five positions: 

Place 1 Gordon Gauthier, Barbara Davis-Staley, Hilario Cavazos, Charles Turner                      

Place 2   Glenda Hawthorne    

Place 3 Rita Haecker             

Place 4  George Borrego Rubidel Peoples     

Place 5  Eula Axe, James Harris, Dayne Antwine       

Chairperson Haschke declared Glenda Hawthorne–Place 2 and Rita Haecker–Place 3 elected to the Advisory Committee for the 2007-2008 year.   

Dayne Antwine moved (Raymond Flood) “that the Board of Directors Suspend the Rules” for the purpose of changing the process for electing Advisory Committee members. 

Rita Haecker requested a Roll Call (weighted) vote. 

The motion to suspend the rules was defeated by the following Roll Call vote (the number in parentheses following each name indicates the weight of that person’s vote): 

Yes: Cavazos (2.199): Guidry (1.344); Antwine (1.456); Davis-Staley (1.247); Peoples (1.616); Schell (2.395); McCoy (1.0); Estrada (1.0); Flood (1.0); Thomas (1.0). 

Total in Favor: 14.257

No: Borrego (2.014); Hickman (2.160); Shellenberg (2.762); Hand (2.229); Hawthorne (2.664); Sanchez (1.604); Duncan (1.061); DeLuca (2.548); Nwosu (3.725);  Harris (1.430); Gauthier (1.8); Vela (2.212); Bryant (1.079); Turner (1.703); Axe (1.689); Schmelzer (1.142); Haschke (2.395); Heuberger (2.395); Haecker (2.395); Evans (2.395); Meeks (1.0); Davis (1.0); Terrazas (1.0); Barnes (1.0).

Total Against: 45.402 

Absent: Smith (2.827). 

Chairperson Haschke appointed Tawna Pitts and Russell Bryant to serve on the Elections Committee.                              

The meeting recessed at 10:10 a.m. and reconvened at 10:15 a.m. 

Advisory Committee nominees were each provided three (3) minutes to address the Board. 

Results of Advisory Balloting                                  

Total Votes Cast                                                        34

Votes Necessary For Election                                  18                         

Place 1

Gordon Gauthier received                                          14

Barbara Davis-Staley                                                   7

Hilario Cavazos received                                              8

Charles Turner received                                               5 

Place 4

George Borrego received                                            23

Rubidel Peoples received                                            11 

Place 5

Eula Axe received                                                          6

James Harris received                                                  17

Dayne Antwine received                                              11 

President Haschke declared e a Runoff Election for Place 1 between Gordon Gauthier and Hilario Cavazos and for Place 5 between James Harris and Dayne Antwine. 

Results of Advisory Runoff Election                                  

Total Votes Cast                                                          33

Votes Necessary For Election                                    17                         

Results of Runoff Election for Place 1

Gordon Gauthier received                                            22

Hilario Cavazos received                                              11 

Results of Runoff Election for Place 5

James Harris received                                                  22

Dayne Antwine received                                               11 

President Haschke declared Gordon Gauthier–Place 1, George Borrego–Place 4, and James Harris–Place 5 elected to the TSTA Advisory Committee for the 2007-2008 year.  

E. Election of Five Hearing Committee Members 

Chairperson Haschke declared nominations open for the five positions on the Hearing Committee.  The following nominations were received:  Ginny Evans, Rhonda Schell, Raymond Flood, Karen Barnes and Beth Shellenberg. 

Charles Turner moved (Hilario Cavazos) “to close nominations.”  The motion carried.

Chairperson Haschke declared Ginny Evans, Rhonda Schell, Raymond Flood, Karen Barnes and Beth Shellenberg elected to the Hearing Committee by acclamation.   

F. Election of Two Friend of Education Award Committee Members

Chairperson Haschke declared nominations open for the two positions on the Friend of Education Award Committee.  The following nominations were received:  John Duncan, Michelle Hickman and Davey Vela.  Michelle Hickman declined the nomination.   

Chairperson Haschke declared nominations closed due to no further nominations.  She also declared John Duncan and Davey Vela elected to the Friend of Education Award Committee by acclamation. 

G. Election of Two Frank J. Tejeda Award Committee Members

Chairperson Haschke declared nominations open for the two positions on the Frank J. Tejeda Award Committee.  The following nominations were received: Michelle Hickman and Lee Terrazas. 

Dayne Antwine moved (Charles Turner) “to close nominations.”  The motion carried. 

Chairperson Haschke declared Michelle Hickman and Lee Terrazas elected to the Frank J. Tejeda Award Committee by acclamation.   

H. Region 4C Sparsity Grant Request 

Board members received from Region 4C a request for a Sparsity Grant due to the addition of several rural counties add to the region with members traveling up to 80 miles to attend a Region Board meeting.  Executive Director Walker addressed the mileage issue. 

Rubidel Peoples moved (Hilario Cavazos) that “the Board of Directors approve a Sparsity Grant for Region 4C to facilitate travel for region board members and to reach out to its 20 orphaned locals in promoting active involvement and membership.”  The motion carried. 

I. NEA Endorsement 

Vice President Ann Heuberger moved (John Duncan) that “the Board of Directors endorse Dennis Van Roekel in his candidacy for NEA President.”  The motion carried.   

Chairperson Haschke reported that without objection the motion be recorded as unanimous.  There was no objection. 

J. TASO Contract 

Executive Director Walker distributed and provided background information on the revised salary provision (Article 30) of the contract between the Texas Associate Staff Organization (TASO) and TSTA.   

Vice President Heuberger moved (Glenda Hawthorne) that “the Board of Directors approve ratification of the TASO contract revision.”  The motion carried. 

K. Amend Board Policy IP-7, Advisory Committee 

The Advisory Committee asked Dayne Antwine to withdraw his motion to amend Board Policy IP-7, Advisory Committee.  Chairperson Haschke indicated that since the election for 2007-08 Advisory Committee already was held, if the motion was resubmitted it would be placed under Discussion Items on the September Board Agenda. 

Beth Shellenberg moved (Charles Turner) that “the Board of Directors oppose withdrawal of Dayne’s motion and move it under Discussion Item E.”  This motion failed, and the main motion was withdrawn. 

Executive Director Walker addressed Board policy IP-7, Advisory Committee, as it addresses the composition and purpose of the Committee as related to frequently asked questions regarding the purpose of the Committee. 

L. Amend Board Policy FP-11, Board Expenses 

Hilario Cavazos moved (George Borrego) “to increase the mileage reimbursement rate for Board meetings.” After some discussion and since there was no data about the cost, the Board agreed by consensus to discuss the policy under Discussion Item C of the Board Agenda.

X. Discussion Items

A. Statewide Election Timelines 

Executive Director Walker discussed and provided tentative timelines for the NEA Director, Alternate NEA Director, NEA RA State Delegates, At-Large Board of Directors Members and TSTA Officers elections.  He also addressed the tentative dates of April 17-19, 2008 for the 2008 State House of Delegates with the hotel being the Marriott Dallas/Plano Legacy Oaks, if negotiations continue to go well. 

B. Building Update 

Executive Director Walker briefly reported that not much has changed concerning the building including redesign/maintenance.     

C. Policy Expense FP-11                         

Board members discussed the cost of flights for various areas of the state as well as mileage as it related to reimbursement of Board member expenses due to cost increases for gas and the various locations of the State House of Delegates.   

It was reported that TSTA’s Deputy Executive Director will provide financial information related to various cost expenses.  Board members could consider the various expenses at the September Board meeting, with the understanding that if the Board approved any changes in the policy at its September meeting, the Board could choose to make the changes effective with that meeting. 

D. Meeting date for June 2008 Board of Directors     

Due to the number of Board members absent at the June 2007 Board of Directors meeting, members discussed the possible need to change the June 7-8, 2008 Board of Directors meeting date.  Members reported mainly conflicts with the end of the school year.  Possible dates were discussed on which to hold the meeting with Board members expressing conflicts with all dates including changing the days of the week on which the meeting is held.   

XI. Reports

A. Report of Deputy Executive Director 

Membership Report 

Board members received a summary of all TSTA members as of July 20 and various membership reports.  Deputy Executive Director Roger Montgomery briefly reported that there is a net increase of 1,007 Active-Professional members and an increase of 812 Active-ESP members.  This is a combined net increase of 1,779 Active members as of July 19 which includes the loss of 40 Active Life members.  The net increase was based on recruiting 7,244 new members in 2006-07.    

May 2007 Financial Report 

Board members received the Budget and Financial Report for the nine months ended May 31, 2007.  Deputy Executive Director Montgomery reported that our finances were projected for this time of year with a surplus of less than half of what TSTA had in May 31, 2006.  He also reported that TSTA’s projected surplus at the end of the year would be smaller than previously reported.    

Local Dues Balances       

Board members received a report as of July 20 listing locals that are behind in their dues payments to TSTA. 

Legal Services Update 

Board members received Status Report as of July 16 on the Center for Legal Services and Member Advocacy.  Deputy Executive Director Montgomery briefed members on TSTA’s activities at the statewide level concerning the release of educators’ ExCET scores, the number of newly funded legal cases, the number of Help Center calls, significant victories and other activities including an update on personnel. 

B. Report of Director of Public Affairs 

Political and State Agency Update 

Director of Public Affairs Richard Kouri updated members on political activities related to the upcoming primary elections and activities of state agencies including the resignation of Commissioner Neely.  Board members were also provided an opportunity to receive the TSTA Summary of the 80th Legislature which contained information on various education bills vetoed and passed during the past Legislative Session.   

C. Report of Director of Affiliate and Leadership Development 

Leadership Academy and Ambassador Academy Update 

Director of Affiliate and Leadership Development, Dr. Brenda Pike, briefed members on the outcome of the Leadership Academy as well as provided members with a list of Leadership Academy participants along with a Leadership Academy Participation Report.  Director Dr. Pike reported that most likely June 16-22 would be the dates for the Leadership Academy in 2008 with the Ambassador Academy running simultaneously.  Members also received an Ambassador Academy Report which provided attendees information from 2002 to 2007. 

Membership Materials and New Employee Orientations Update 

Director Dr. Pike provided a membership materials packet to Board members who had not previously received a packet and briefed the members on its contents and how the materials were delivered.  She also reported that folders would be available for purchase at the cost of $1.   

Members also received a listing of scheduled New Employee Orientations that had been scheduled as of noon on July 25.       

D. NMS/Organizing/Partnership Local Update 

Board members received a National Membership Strategy (NMS) Report as of July 26 and heard briefly from Executive Director Walker on funding of the various projects.  He also reported that there was no more funding for the McAllen project.

E. Staff Update 

Board members received a Staff Update for the time period May 16, 2007 through July 17, 2007.  Executive Director Walker reported the hiring of Joe Bean, Public Relations Specialist, and Anita Wells, Help Center Secretary.  He also reported that Molly Leader Hepkin was still on a leave of absence.

F. Flow Chart 

Board members received a Flow Chart for TSTA Staff Structure as of July 2007 

G. Regional Weighted Vote. 

Executive Director Walker provided Board members with Regional Weighted Votes for July 15 2007 to January 15, 2008.  

H. Region Reports 

There were no Region Reports. 

I. NEA-Student Program Report 

 There was no Student Program Report. 

J. NEA RA Report 

Chairperson Haschke reported that an update on the NEA Representative Assembly would be provided at the September Board of Directors meeting.

K. TSTA-Retired Report 

TSTA-Retired President, Letha Grace McCoy, distributed a retired membership packet which included a list of Retired officers and contacts and a membership form.  

L. TSTA-Student Program Report         

Leigh Anne Meeks, the new TSTA-Student Program President, shared with the   Board that she wants to improve communication between region presidents and the students. 

M. NEA Directors’ Report 

It was reported that the NEA Representative Assembly which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was successful with the Texas delegation doing well on contributing to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.   

N. President’s Report 

Budget Committee 

Chairperson Haschke reported that she has appointed Jack Davis as Vice Chairperson, Claudette Thomas, Beth Shellenberg, John Hand, and John Duncan to the Budget Committee with Vice President Heuberger serving as Chairperson 

Ronnie Ray ESP Advocate of the Year Award Committee 

Chairperson Haschke reported that she has appointed Yolanda C. Molina, Shirley M. Howard, Linda Estrada, Lee Terrazas and Raymond Flood to the Ronnie Ray ESP Advocate of the Year Award Committee. 

Social Security Offset 

John Duncan reported and briefed members on the Social Security petition which can be found on TSTA’s website.  He asked that all signed petitions be in Austin by August 12. 

O. Vice President’s Report 

Vice President Ann Heuberger reported that as Chairperson of the Budget Committee, it is her intent to send dates to members of the Committee next week.  She also reported that she serves as coordinator for the TSTA-Student Program.   

P. Executive Director’s Report 

Executive Director Walker reported that TSTA is about ready to launch the “members only” site on the TSTA website.  He also reported that Board meetings will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning beginning with the September meeting. 

XII. Information Items

A. President’s Activities 

Board members received the calendar of activities from May 14 through June 10, 2007 for President Haschke. 

B. Vice President’s Activities 

Board members received the calendar of activities from May 14 through June 10, 2007 for Vice President Heuberger. 

C. Executive Director’s Activities 

Board members received the calendar of activities from May 14 to June 24, 2007 for Executive Director Walker. 

D. Calendar of Events 

Board members received a calendar of TSTA/NEA Events from July 1, 2007 through July 4, 2008. 

E. Unofficial Minutes of the NEA Board of Directors 

Board members received the Unofficial Actions of the May 4-5, 2007 NEA Board of Directors meeting.

XIII. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.