Pflugerville Educators Association scores a big victory for ESPs, but more work ahead

After a year of hard work, members of the Pflugerville Educators Association won an impressive victory. The Pflugerville school board approved an across-the-board, 5 percent pay increase for the district’s ESPs, NEAToday reported.

ESPs also won base-pay minimums for paraeducators ($13 an hour) and school bus drivers ($20 an hour, plus childcare). Special education paraeducators received an additional raise, and bus drivers were rehired by the district as public employees. Their jobs previously had been privatized.

These are huge steps forward, but many Pflugerville educators still struggle to pay for basic living expenses, including health care. “Every single one of our ESPs is critical to the success of our students, and they shouldn’t have to worry about paying for groceries or making rent,” PFEA President Cindy Maroquio said.

The TSTA local’s next goal for ESPs is an additional $2 an hour raise plus due-process to be embedded in the school board’s policies.

Read the full NEAToday article, Including the experiences of paraeducator Debbie Reyes, who is among the “highest earning” of Pflugerville’s paraprofessionals but still has trouble meeting everyday living expenses.