Previously in Del Valle

  • Del Valle EA urges board to reject class size increase: Michelle Cardenas, president of Del Valle Education Association, spoke to the Del Valle ISD school board on Feb.15, exhorting them to reject a proposal to increase the class size ratio for grades PK-4 from 22:1 to 24:1. She called on the board to uphold the district motto of “Whatever it Takes” to preserve a class size ratio that “has been instrumental over the years in boosting student success.” The proposal passed in the end, with both the district administration and school board saying it was a better alternative than cutting staff and programs. Both the administration and board said they hoped attrition and projected growth will absorb the majority of the necessary cuts caused by the state’s financial crisis.
  • Del Valle: 300 days with no extra pay? Del Valle Education Association Vice-President Sean Hurley addresses the school board in March to object to the new term contact language from the Texas Association of School Boards, which paves the way for teachers to work up to 300 days per year without any compensation beyond their basic salary.