TSTA Board Meeting, July 15, 2011

Board Actions

The new TSTA Board of Directors was called to order at 7:45 a.m. on Friday, July 15, 2011, in Corpus Christi following the Board Retreat, and took the following actions:

Took the Oath of Office (New Board Members) 

Reviewed and reaffirmed the Norms for the Board of Directors 

Adopted Rules of Procedures for the Board 

Adopted amendments to Board Policies EP-8, FP-16 and FP-15 

Confirmed the President’s appointments to TSTA Standing Committees 

Adopted Statewide Election Timelines for NEA Director Place 2, TSTA At-Large Board Members, NEA State Delegates, and NEA Supervisory Cluster Delegates 

Elected Francis Smith, Rae Nwosu, James Harris, Angela Davis and George Cordova to one-year terms on the Advisory Committee 

Elected Bobby Lerma, Linda Estrada, Ovidia Molina, Evelina Loya and Jim Jordan to one-year terms on the Hearing Committee 

Budget, Finance and Membership

In the absence of Chief Financial Officer Babs Didner and Executive Director Walker, Executive Director Designee Richard Kouri shared financial reports for May 31. Due to the timing of the June and July Board meetings, this is the same report that was shared in June. 

The membership report as of June 28, 2011, shows 33,326 Active-Professional members and 12,822 Active-ESP members for a total of 46,148 Active members compared to 33,070 Professional and 11,873 ESP members for a total of 44,943 at the end of last year. This is a net gain of 1,205 Active-Professional and Active-ESP members over the year-end numbers from last year, thanks to recruitments of 7,375 new members. 

We also have 14,067 life members, 1,627 retired members and 791 student members. This is a decrease of 77 life members, an increase of 93 retired members and an increase of 11 student members. We have 34 Substitute Members (down 5). 

We have enrolled 2,868 new members during the early enrollment drive for 2011-12.

Staff Update

Assistant Director of OCALD Andres Becerra is leaving TSTA to become Associate Executive Director for Advocacy and Affiliate Services for the Oregon Education Association. 

E. C. Walker is retiring as TSTA Executive Director, effective August 31, 2011. 

Richard Kouri will become TSTA Executive Director, effective September 1, 2011. 

Currently posted positions include Director of Center for Public Affairs and Public Affairs Secretary.

Other Items

The Board received the written reports of the President, Vice-President and Executive Director. 

Cathy Stein, Mark McCloy, Winifred Jackson, Gracie Oviedo and Patrick Gabbert were appointed to the Budget Committee