TSTA Board Meeting, July 26, 2007

Board Actions

The new TSTA Board of Directors met on Thursday, July 26, 2007, in Fredericksburg following Board Retreat, and took the following actions:

Took the Oath of Office (New Members) 

Reviewed and reaffirmed the Norms for the Board of Directors 

Amended and adopted Rules of Procedures 

Confirmed the appointments by the President to the TSTA Standing Committees: Community and Instructional Advocacy, Legislative and Political Advocacy and Credentials, Bylaws and Elections 

Elected the following five Board members to one-year terms on the Advisory Committee:  Gordon Gauthier, Glenda Hawthorne, Rita Haecker, George Borrego and James Harris 

Elected Ginny Evans, Rhonda Schell, Raymond Flood, Karen Barnes and Beth Shellenberg to the Hearing Committee 

Elected John Duncan and Davey Vela to the Friend of Education Award Committee 

Elected Michelle Hickman and Lee Terrazas to the Frank J. Tejeda Award for Public Service Committee 

Approved a Sparsity Grant for Region 4C 

Ratified the revised salary provisions of the Contract with TASO 

Endorsed Dennis Van Roeckel for President of NEA

Board Discussions

The Board reviewed the Election Timelines for various elections. These will voted on in September and received a brief update on the situation with the TSTA building (learning that, essentially, nothing had changed). 

The Board discussed Policy FP-11 concerning Board Expenses. Discussion focused especially on the amount paid for flights from Houston or Dallas to Austin (during which discussion it was pointed out the policy needed revising to reflect the impact of moving the HoD around the state) and on the need for an increase in the mileage rates. The Board requested that Deputy Executive Director provide an estimate of the impact for various options at the September board meeting, with the understanding that if the Board approved any changes in this policy in September, they could choose to make the changes effective with that meeting. 

The Board had a discussion about the current dates set for the June Board meeting (June 6, 7 and 8). Some members now have a conflict on those dates with the end of school. Others have the same conflict if it is moved a week earlier and many agreed that moving it a week later would put it too close to Leadership Academy and the NEA RA. There was some discussion of holding it on weekdays during the week of June 9, or maybe on Sunday, June 8 and Monday, June 9. Different concerns and conflicts were raised with those proposals. It became clear there was no consensus on any particular set of dates. The discussion ended with the understanding that any Board member could bring a motion to the September Board meeting about changing the June dates.

Budget, Finance and Membership

We continue to have positive results in our membership recruitment and retention. The July 19 membership report shows a net gain over the end of last year of 1,007 Active-Professional members and 812 Active-ESP members. Combined with the loss of 40 Active Life members, that puts the net gain for this year at 1,779 Active members, based on recruiting 7,244 new members in 2006-07. 

So far, during the early enrollment period, we have enrolled 2,187 new members for 2007-08, compared to the 1,973 we had enrolled as of June 20 last year. That is a great start for what should be another good membership year. 

Deputy Executive Director Roger Montgomery reported that the May 31, 2007, financial report contained no surprises. While we are still showing a surplus of a little over $100,000 for the year, that is less than half of the surplus we had as of May 31 last year. Roger expressed confidence that we would end the year with a surplus, but projected that it would be smaller than the $156,000 surplus we enjoyed at the end of the year last year.

Staff Update

Joe Bean has been hired as our PR Specialist.

Anita Wells has been hired as Legal Receptionist.

Molly Leder Hepkin remains on Parental Leave.

Other Items

In addition to the financial and membership reports, Deputy Executive Director Roger Montgomery gave a brief update on Legal Services.

Director of Public Affairs Richard Kouri shared some “gossip” about politics and sate agency matters and encouraged any Board member that did not already have a summary of the 80th Legislative Session to pick one up from the back table.

OCALD Director Brenda Pike shared data over a three-year period on the locals that have attended the State Leadership Conference and emerging leaders who have attended the Ambassador Academy over the past five years. She also provided information about the distribution of membership materials and the schedule for NEOs. She requested that Board members provide her with any corrections and updates to the NEO schedule.

Executive Director Walker shared a sheet showing the weighted vote for each local on Regional Board of Directors. He also announced that TSTA would soon add a “members only” section to our website. He shared with the Board that the House of Delegates is tentatively set for April 18-19, 2008, at the Marriott Legacy Oaks in Plano. We hope to have a signed contract shortly, and the Board will be informed as soon as that occurs.

President Donna Haschke appointed Jack Davis (vice-chair), Claudette Scott, Beth Shellenberg, John Hand and John Duncan to the Budget Committee, joining Vice-President Ann Heuberger who serves as Chair.

President Haschke also appointed Yolanda Molina, Shirley Howard, Linda Estrada, Lee Terrazas and Raymond Flood to serve on the Ronnie Ray ESP Advocate of the Year Committee.