Welcome from TSTA-SP President

Dear Members,

Thank you for joining the most dynamic organization for professional educators in this country – the National Education Association – and in Texas – the Texas State Teachers Association. Let your imaginations soar to the possibilities of a tomorrow where all students learn and every teacher teaches in a great public school. For members of TSTA-SP, that tomorrow begins today.

Our TSTA-SP chapters commit themselves annually to providing support to students, for schools and communities in need of it; and this support takes many forms – from placing quality literature in the hands of an eager child, a coat on the back of an active student to keep warm while playing on the playground, or even knowledge about the college application and financial aid process. Our members know that the quality in our classroom tomorrow begins with the acts we do today.

As a student member, you have taken the first step of your career to ensure access to the highest level of professional development, the strongest legislative and political action involvement, and the most secure employment advocacy in Texas. As future members of TSTA/NEA, you have become a part of the single most effective advocacy group for public schools, the teachers who teach in them, and the students who learn in them. You have also become a part of an educational family that provides continued support for you professionally and personally.

Explore the following websites and take advantage of the many opportunities that await you as a member of TSTA-SP:




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