Obama’s job plans for Texas

President Obama’s jobs proposal would pay for as many as 39,500 educator and first responder jobs in Texas and provide additional funding for school renovation and community college modernization, which would create thousands of additional jobs, according to an analysis distributed to Congress.

The potential numbers clearly dispute the political blahblah issued by presidential wannabe Rick Perry after the president’s speech.

“This proposal offers little hope for millions of Americans who have lost jobs on his (Obama’s) watch and taxpayers who are rightly concerned that their children will inherit a mountain of debt,” Perry said.

Perry, as we in Texas already know, is killing education jobs – thousands of them – with a new state budget that slashes education funding. Obama, meanwhile, is proposing the creation of thousands of jobs for educators and other working Texans. Here are some details, according to information given to Congress:

# More than $2.5 billion to Texas to support as many as 39,500 educator and first responder jobs.

# More than $2.3 billion to Texas for improving classrooms and upgrading public schools. This funding would support as many as 30,300 additional jobs.

# More than $458 million in funding to modernize community colleges in Texas.

# Other steps to create thousands of additional infrastructure jobs and help 329,000 longterm unemployed workers, including teachers, in Texas get back to work.

# Tax cuts for millions of working Texans, including teachers, who are fortunate enough to have jobs.

What about that “mountain of debt” that Perry says that Texans are worried about their children inheriting?

Most unemployed and underemployed Texans are more worried about the mountains of personal debt they and their families are accumulating while political naysayers continue to play rhetorical games, both in Congress and on the GOP presidential trail.


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