Perry not worried; you better be

Gov. Rick Perry, in an Internet interview today with the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith, made what may have seemed, at first blush, a strange statement.

“We don’t have a revenue problem in this state in the upcoming budget,” Perry declared.

But what happened to the looming revenue shortfall that, according to other projections, could be as high as $21 billion?

Perry continued to downplay that figure, saying he believed the actual shortfall will be lower, although he declined to kick around any figures. Then, he reminded us why, in his mind, there won’t be a “revenue problem.”

There won’t be a “revenue problem” if Texas is still in the grip of “Perryworld” come January because Perry will insist that the Legislature, in lieu of raising taxes, cut deeply into state programs and services to fit whatever revenue is available. And, then he will brag about it later, while kicking back in his $10,000 a month, taxpayerpaid, rental mansion.

If you are a school teacher, counselor, nurse, principal, bus driver, cafeteria worker or anyone else in public service, you better be concerned about the outcome of this election. Some of those cuts will be your jobs.


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