Time to go

With a little luck, this will be the last time I ever will feel inclined to write about that expertinherownmind, Cynthia Dunbar, who this week is participating in her last scheduled meeting as a member of the State Board of Education.

Dunbar did the schoolchildren of Texas a favor by declining to seek reelection this year, but only after several years of working hard to undermine the quality of Texas’ public schools with her own religious and political beliefs. She was a leader of the rightwing bloc that, most recently, tried to rewrite social studies curriculum standards to incorrectly depict the United States as a Christian theocracy with limited historical contributions from anyone who wasn’t white.

At yesterday’s board meeting, Dunbar offered what the Austin AmericanStatesman called a “parting gift” to her fellow board members – a resolution declaring the U.S. Department of Education an unconstitutional bureaucracy with no authority over Texas schools. The board didn’t act on the resolution, and we can hope the new board, after it takes office with five new members in January, also will decline to waste time on the measure.

The board can’t wish away the Department of Education anymore than Dunbar can wish away the separation of church and state principle, although she and her colleagues have mightily tried.

Also bidding farewell to the board this week is Dunbar’s philosophical comradeinarms, Don McLeroy, who was unseated last spring by moremoderate Republican Thomas Ratliff.



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