The end of bullying begins with you!

Take a stand during national bullying prevention month

Thousands of students stay home each day because they fear being bullied.  Still, others avoid places at school like stairways and bathrooms while they are at school. National Bullying Prevention Month is an effort to unite communities, raise awareness, educate people and inspire action on this important issue. Provides information about NEA’s programs and policy on bullying in public schools   Provides information to school districts, parents, and students to help prevent, identify, and respond to bullying behavior. This site includes a list of peer-reviewed articles related to bullying. This site offers practical advice to students and parents about ways to respond to bullying at school. The Texas Attorney General’s Office offers information about cyber-bullying, dating violence, and other safety issues. A survey of middle school students’ experiences with bullying shows that kids want the adults in school to pay attention and keep them safe.