Linda Estrada

Linda EstradaLinda Estrada has worked in various capacities in Donna ISD for 24 years; she currently is a campus secretary at Sauceda Middle School. 

A member of Donna TSTA/NEA for 10 years, she has served as local secretary for two terms and vice president for ESPs for two terms, and she was recently re-elected president for a second term.

Estrada is a graduate of the TSTA Ambassador Academy (2003), NEA Emerging Leaders Training (2004) and NEA Leaders for Tomorrow (2009). She considers participation in NEA Leaders for Tomorrow – a three- week, intensive training to equip upcoming leaders with the skills to build their local associations – to be a key accomplishment to date.

Estrada and her husband of 28 years, Miguel, have three children – Mikey Jr., 27, Joanna, 25, and Luis, 18 – and a three-year-old grandson, Francisco.

With the support of her family, Linda won election to an ESP at-large seat on the TSTA Board of Directors in 2007 and was re-elected in 2009. Along with fellow outgoing board members Lee Terrazas of Ysleta Teachers Association (El Paso) and Raymond Flood of NEA-Dallas, Estrada has worked tirelessly to focus TSTA Board attention on ESP issues. TSTA President Rita Haecker, a strong supporter of ESP members, worked alongside ESP Board members to develop and host the first TSTA ESP conference, which took place in Estrada’s hometown of Donna in September 2009. Two additional ESP Conferences quickly followed, in El Paso and Austin, and two more ESP Conferences were held the following year, in Houston and Dallas. This year, the TSTA House of Delegates voted to hold a statewide ESP Conference; its goal is to help ESP members realize their power to effect change – in themselves, and in their locals.

Estrada wants ESPs to know that being at-will employees does not mean that they are powerless to make change happen, and they should never accept injustice at work. She encourages all ESPs to, “Join TSTA and be part of the change that we all want to see.” Her goal is for all ESPs to be respected in their local associations and communities for the very important role they play in their students’ lives. Although her at-large position is coming to an end, Estrada will continue her work on the board as Region 1E president.

Other ESPs serving on the TSTA Board of Directors are:

  • Bobby Lerma, El Paso – ESP at large
  • Jeannette Garcia-Avila, Donna – ESP at large
  • Rae Nwosu – NEA Director, Place 3
  • Patrick Gabbert – Region 1A President
  • Norman Quigley – Region 4C President
  • Trasell Underwood – Region 2E President