Compliance General Information

The TSTA Compliance System is designed to assist locals in creating a plan to meet the needs of their members.  It is a two part process that moves locals into a three tiered structure. The three tiers are functioning, active, and full capacity. Compliance is due to TSTA on August 1, 2018 except the local audit which is due on October 31st for most locals. 

I. This first part involves providing TSTA with information required by the bylaws to become a functioning status or chartered local.

II. In addition to completing functioning or chartering documents, the second part of the process involves the Power Profile and Power Plan.  The Power Profile is designed to be a self-diagnostic tool for the local to evaluate their program in several areas that are considered essential to being a powerful local association.  The Power Plan incorporates the information gathered in the power profile to help chart a course for the local for that year. We have attached more information about these tools below.

Active Status: Locals that wish to achieve Active Status are only required to do the two sections of the Power Profile and Plan relating to Membership/Organizing and Association Representatives. (Please note that the Association Representative requirement includes submitting an AR roster updates and incorporating AR training dates into the AR section or submitting as a separate document.)

Full Capacity Status: Locals that wish to achieve Full Capacity Status are required to fill out the entire Power Profile and complete the entire Power Plan. (Please note that this includes completing the report on plan locals for locals who have submitted a plan. It is a section of the Power Plan or can be submitted on a separate form.)

Final determination on whether or not the local becomes an Active Local or a Full Capacity Local is made by the TSTA Governance and Compliance Committee.

All Functioning, Active, and Full Capacity locals are chartered locals. Chartered locals are recognized by TSTA Bylaws. Locals are eligible for a different rebate amount based upon compliance status, market share, and if the local has an exclusive consultation agreement. All locals going the planning process are encouraged to complete the entire Power Profile and Plan even if they are only trying to become active locals because it is important for the Executive Board to reflect on all aspects of what the local is doing during the course of the year.