Defense Funds

NEA spends more than $14 million each year for legal support of members through the NEA Unified Legal Services Program, which shares in funding by state associations including TSTA.

Some examples of TSTA and NEA legal cases:

  • A parent called for the dismissal of a teacher who tapped her son’s ankle with her foot to get his attention while he was crouched on the floor. The parent believed Child Protective Services should have been called. The local school board voted unanimously to deny all relief requested by the parent.
  • More than 100 TSTA members were awarded reimbursements ranging from $1000 to $4000—a total of $149,000—by the Texas Supreme Court because their salary schedules were frozen after they were contractually bound to teach in their school district the following year.
  • TSTA took a case to the Texas Supreme Court in defense of the independent teacher dismissal process (established through a TSTA bill that passed the legislature in 1995) and won!
  • NEA assisted the U.S. Supreme Court in answering the question of whether peer grading violates federal law. A federal circuit court of appeals had ruled against the practice; the Supreme Court reversed the decision, upholding teacher autonomy.

Obviously, the results of any given case may vary, depending on the facts of the case. However, these examples are demonstrative of TSTA’s resolve to protect your employment rights!

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