What happens if your campus is reconstituted?

If a campus is identified as academically unacceptable for two consecutive school years, including the current year, the Commissioner of Education must order the campus to be reconstituted and appoint a campus intervention team (CIT). The CIT will decide which educators may be retained at the campus. Teachers who teach reading, writing, math, social studies or science may be retained at the campus only if the CIT determines “that a pattern exists of significant academic improvement by students taught by the teacher.” If the teacher is not retained on that campus, the teacher may be assigned to another position in the district.

The statute requiring reconstitution does not specifically call for teachers’ terminations. TSTA will challenge proposed terminations of teacher members that occur as a result of a campus reconstitution. If you are reassigned as the result of a reconstitution, TSTA will help you determine whether there is a basis to challenge that reassignment. Unfortunately, teachers of core subjects (reading, writing, math, social studies and/or science) may be reassigned at the CIT’s discretion.

Contact the TSTA Help Center at 877-ASK-TSTA if you have any questions regarding campus reconstitution.